The purpose of scaling and root planing

While perfectly white and aligned teeth are the epitome of a beautiful smile, patients also need to realize the role that the gums play in a smile’s health. Healthy gum tissue supports the teeth and helps keep them in place while contributing to the smile’s appearance. With the help of a New York, New York area dentist such as Dr. Mary A. Taudel, patients can maintain a smile free from problems, including the loss of gum tissue, bone, and teeth. That is done with proper oral care habits to avoid other conditions, including periodontal disease and tooth decay. If these issues arise, they require care and attention from our experienced dentist at Park Avenue Dental.

What is periodontal disease?

Dr. Taudel describes periodontal disease as an infection that can take over the smile and impact a wide range of structures and areas. This condition starts in the mouth’s soft tissues due to the presence of bacteria. Pockets often form between the gums and the teeth as the tissues recede, allowing bacteria to become trapped and thrive, multiplying and increasing the infection. This condition is entirely preventable with the help of a dentist. However, if it is diagnosed in its later stages, it may require patients to see the dentist more often to get the smile back to health with regular scaling and root planing treatments.

Understanding how perio scaling and root planing works

Scaling and root planing is a deep cleaning that is performed to remove plaque, tartar, and infection from the smile to bring it back to health before reversing the damage that has occurred. This procedure is done to clean the roots of the teeth and the visible portions. The treatment provides reliable results and can help patients address the infection present in their smiles.

Are you in need of deep teeth cleaning?

Patients of the New York, New York area who need plaque and tartar removal to protect their smiles from periodontal disease will want to book an appointment with Dr. Mary A. Taudel at Park Avenue Dental. The office is located at 37 Park Avenue, Suite A, and can be reached by phone to request an appointment at (646) 588-1704.