Restoring the smile after decay with dental fillings

Dental caries, also known as tooth decay or cavities, are small holes that develop in the natural tooth enamel. It can result in damage, discomfort, and pain for many patients. To resolve it, dental practices in the New York, New York area have been using dental restorations called fillings. In the past, many dentists used a material called silver amalgam as a filling material. However, not only was this material dark in color and noticeable within the smile but it has also been found to contribute to mercury toxicity in patients. That is why Dr. Mary A. Taudel uses tooth-colored fillings instead, which comprise of composite resin materials. These white fillings blend in with the smile and are not obvious restorations.

Why might I choose composite resin fillings?

Patients who have dental work done don’t want their smiles to LOOK like they’ve had dental work done. That is why many dentists will perform procedures with materials that mimic natural tooth enamel to ensure seamless integration and a beautiful smile. Composite resin fillings also last many years before they need to be removed and replaced by the dentist. When you speak with Dr. Taudel about your dental needs, she can evaluate you and decide if you are a good fit for dental fillings.

What other ways might a tooth be restored?

Teeth impacted by cavities may not be able to be restored with the use of fillings alone. Large areas of decay may result in the placement of composite resin fillings and a dental crown over the top of the tooth. That helps when a significant portion of the tooth’s structure is negatively impacted by decay, as the dental crown can offer an extra layer of protection and strength.

Learn more about dental restorations such as fillings

If you require treatment for cavities, composite resin fillings are an excellent solution for many of our patients in New York, NY. If you reside in the community and want to talk to Dr. Mary A. Taudel about enhancing the smile and repairing your teeth with tooth-colored fillings, call (646) 588-1704 to request a consultation visit. The office is located at 37 Park Avenue, Suite A, and accepts new patients.