Why you should consider a dental practice offering digital x-rays

Part of evaluating a patient’s oral health is using dental x-rays. Most practices use traditional x-ray technology, which exposes the patient to radiation levels to obtain images of the smile. However, at Park Avenue Dental, Dr. Mary A. Taudel and her team are excited to offer an alternative type of x-ray technology. Instead, she utilizes digital dental x-rays, which have many benefits for patients to consider. 

How often do I need dental x-rays? 

Patients who are new to the practice will often have a set of dental x-rays done to evaluate their current smile. After which, they will have x-rays done as needed throughout the years to monitor oral health. 

Are dental x-rays dangerous? 

Many patients incorrectly believe that dental x-rays are dangerous. Traditional dental x-rays use radiation to create the imaging, though it can also be achieved with less exposure to radiation by using digital dental x-rays. The amount of radiation exposure is negligible. Since dental x-rays are only done periodically, they are not a significant exposure to radiation to raise any concern for most patients. 

Why choose a dental practice with digital dental x-rays? 

There are a few benefits to working with a dental provider that utilizes digital dental x-rays. These x-rays: 

  • Administer much less radiation than traditional x-ray technology
  • Allow for clear images that can be stored digitally and viewed on a computer screen
  • Provide patients with images they can use to understand their dental needs
  • Are extremely clear and precise and can be zoomed in to evaluate the smile further
  • Are fast and completed quickly in the dental office 

Learn more about dental scans and x-rays performed with digital technology

At Park Avenue Dental, Dr. Mary A. Taudel and her team offer some of the latest techniques and technologies to ensure patients access quality dental health care. If you are ready to work with a dental practice that has invested in digital dental x-rays and other new technology, call Park Avenue Dental today at (646) 588-1704. Our patient-centered practice provides high valued services with the latest modalities and solutions. Patients can visit the practice in New York, New York, at 37 Park Avenue, Suite A, and discuss their needs for dental care.